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Sleep Apnea Treatment Lowers Healthcare Costs

Sleep Apnea Treatment Lowers Healthcare CostsFebruary 20th, 2020

Sleep apnea is a disorder where breathing stops and starts during sleep, and its presence is usually indicated by loud snoring and a lack of restful sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in particular refers to the relaxation of throat muscles that impairs airflow. Cessation of breathing that occurs during sleep means that many individuals with sleep apnea may not be aware that they have this disorder.

As a result, untreated sleep apnea may cause various health issues, as chronic lack of sleep can impair the body’s ability to heal itself overnight. A large, population-based study has shown that OSA has been linked to higher rates of cardiovascular disease, stroke, metabolic disease, psychiatric disturbances, dementia, and death. It follows then that untreated sleep apnea is also linked to higher utilization of healthcare services as well as higher healthcare costs.

If you suspect you may have sleep apnea, Dr. Gupta can administer a home sleep test that will help you determine the presence of OSA. Once diagnosed, treatment with a cPAP machine can help you start breathing regularly during sleep again, and get you on track to start feeling your best.

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