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Spravato Is a Safe Treatment for Depression

February 25th, 2020

SPRAVATO, the esketamine nasal spray, is the first treatment approved by the FDA for depression in many years. The FDA rigorously tests pharmaceutical drugs for many years before releasing them to ensure that they are safe for the public. Clinical studies have investigated the cardiac side effects in particular, and have found that any increases in blood pressure are purely temporary and unnoticed by patients. Results from these studies have all pointed to the conclusion that SPRAVATO is safe, and effective, for patients struggling with treatment resistant depression.

In Dr. Gupta’s office, SPRAVATO is administered in a calm, comfortable environment. Our staff monitors your vitals for two hours following the onset of treatment to ensure your comfort and wellbeing. Patients often report feeling relaxed due to the sedative nature of esketamine, and any side effects, such as dizziness, are transitory. If you haven’t experienced any relief from your oral anti-depressants and are curious about SPRAVATO, ask Dr. Gupta about this safe and effective treatment.

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