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Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) can impact many aspects of a person’s life, making it challenging to care for oneself, attend to work, or function socially. Oral antidepressants can be limited in treating this disorder, as they may not work in one-third of patients, and it often takes weeks for relief to set in after starting medication.

For individuals struggling with treatment resistant depression, SPRAVATO has been shown to work rapidly following the onset of treatment. In a 2018 study that included 60 participants, 3 different doses of esketamine were intranasally administered and the outcomes were compared to a placebo group. All three treatment groups experienced improvement of depression symptoms within the first week of starting treatment, and larger doses were correlated with greater improvement of symptoms. Furthermore, depression scores continued to improve even after dosing frequency was reduced to weekly or every other week.

The same author of this study published another paper a year later to assess the depression relapse rate in individuals treated with SPRAVATO. Individuals who saw a reduction in depression symptoms and continued to receive doses of intranasal esketamine every week or other week experienced a significantly longer time before relapse.

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